Writing Monstrosity

This month has been all about editing, and while I enjoy that, I am about ready to start writing again, so thank goodness for Camp NaNo!  Next month, I plan to write a story that has been building within me, and fits in well with Cursed Love.  I have tentatively called it Curse of the Taniwha.

I don’t want to give too much away, but there are some characters over on my Pinterest page for you to have a look at to give you an idea of what I imagine my characters would look like.

I am basing this in the Nelson Lakes area, a beautiful area, steeped in Maori history.  I was entranced when I heard the myth behind the creations of the Nelson Lakes:

Maori legend tells us that there was a powerful chief, magician, and sorcerer named Rakaihaitu. Long long ago, before the great migration of the canoes, he came to New Zealand in his canoe Uruao, and journeyed around the coast. But when he landed near Nelson, Rakaihaitu decided to find a way overland through the rugged heart of the South Island. He and his followers set off across the plains and reached the beautiful wild country of the Buller region and the start of the mighty chain of mountains in the Nelson Lakes area. The chief took his great Ko, his digging stick and began to dig enormous holes in the ground. He worked long and hard, and eventually the holes filled with water, and became the known as Lake Rotoiti and Lake Rotoroa (The Nelson Lakes). Rakaihaitu then continued his journey South digging and naming all the great lakes of the South Island. Eventually he reached Foveaux Strait and settled there, and the tribes in that area trace their ancestry back to him.

Even though it was a main thoroughfare for Maori moving from Nelson and Marlborough to the Pounamu rich West Coast, no tribes actually settled the area.

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t use a little creativity and develop a story about a Taniwha in one of the Lakes…!

Stay tuned for more information on progress.

PS – If anyone can draw me a taniwha I can use for my Pic, I would love that.  Thanks  🙂


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