Interruptions and Motivations

Curse of the TaniwhaFunny how when you want to write the most, is probably when you get the least amount done?

I mean, I am taking part in Camp NaNoWriMo at the moment, trying to write 50k in 30 days, and I have had some good days writing, but everytime I get on my computer, someone generally wants me to do something for them.  Like ring the finance company, put the password on the other computer, or housework that needs to be done.

So I have tried scheduling time into my week, so I can get some solid goes at writing, but it hasn’t really been that successful.  I can always find something else more pressing to do, like research on the computer (which I need to do, because Curse of the Taniwha involves life in a Maori Pa, so I need words for food, types of food available at that time, what roles women had in the pa etc.

Either that, or I realise that I haven’t vacuumed the floor and it desperately needs to be done.  Either that or the washing needs to be hung out, brought in or folded.  The dishes need to be done, dinner needs to be organised… on and on the list goes.

So I have decided what actually works for me is setting a timer.  At the moment I have set it for an hour, and I write solidly in that hour.  And you know what, it actually works.  I focus on writing for one solid hour, and then I have plenty of time to vacuum, wash floors, dust the furniture, change the table cloth, clean the toilet, bathroom, change the sheets on the beds, etc etc, and then I even find that I have more time for working on my story.

Yesterday I had one hour writing, in which I did about 3k.  Then I did another stint, but I finished at 45 minutes, and I had another 1.8k.  That’s a good innings really.

Oh, and I got busy – I’m no pro, but I made a cover for my book, taking a photograph of a necklace that I brought, because it reminded me of the Taniwha.  What do you think?


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