Cold and Flu’s and Downhill Battles

Its been a while since I have done a Mental Health Post, and with having a cold and viral infection, it is timely that I write a post.

Normally with a cold, I can have one day when I feel really yuck, and then I am back on the road to recovery, however this time, it hasn’t been quite so easy to shake.  In fact I haven’t been able to shake it at all, and every time I think I am recovering, I have another ache, pain or ailment pop up.

So Friday I started feeling unwell, I had two days at home, feeling sorry for myself and thought that by Monday, I would be feeling OK.  Wrong.

Monday came, and went, and there was little improvement.  In fact, by Monday night I had wound myself up nicely and ended up with Asthma.  Fortunately I have an asthma plan and with help from my beloved, I was able to calm down and sleep for the night.

There was no improvement on Tuesday either, and by Wednesday, I knew that I wasn’t getting better, and my mood started to drop.

Why did it drop?  I guess I spend a lot of time, when I am well, focusing on keeping myself mentally well.  I do things that make myself feel better, and with not being well, I have been unable to do those things.  I couldn’t concentrate long enough to read anything except at night.  My head ached, my chest rattled, and I just didn’t have any reserves left.

Fortunately, my husband was also very onto it this time, and while I knew I was going downhill, he knew just what I needed to make me feel better, and it did.  With some kind loving and words of encouragement, I was able to smile again, and know that I have the support I need when I needed it.

It is really important when you have any mental illness that you that you take particular care.  Having been on a course of Antibiotics for my arm, my immune level was compromised, and then with the virus on time, the cold just latched on and wouldn’t let go.  Its important to make sure that you have contingencies in place, to counter for those moments when your physical health hits the skids.  Being aware that you have a tendency to decline, may be half your battle won.  Having a plan in place to counteract it, will really work in your favour.

Being unwell has meant that a lot of my contingency plans haven’t been able to work because they involve getting outside and walking, but that doesn’t mean I have to limit myself exercise wise.  There is still yoga, which can be done gently while in a congested state.  Watching your favourite videos, or even cuddling with your favourite toy (or partner, which is much better), can all be part of those plans – provided of course that your partner can put up with you and your germs!)

I am slowly getting better, and my mental health can only improve with my own health.

So what plans do you have in place for those moments when things fall apart?


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