Up for a Challenge

For those of you who know me, you know that I often need naps during the day, and don’t like too much pressure. I’ve suffered depression for the last ten to twelve years, and as a result, it will be a lifelong thing I have to live with, but I also know my limits and what I am capable of and what I need to do to keep my moods relatively even.

But occasionally I need to push my boundaries. Why? Because sometimes I am capable of doing more than I originally thought possible. Case in point – working full time. For long enough the Doctor would sign a document for me saying that I wasn’t capable of working fulltime because of constant tiredness. When I moved to Motropolis, I realised that I needed to find some work, and the first job I found that I really wanted… was full time. So, I took the risk and discovered that I was capable of doing it. I had days where I was so tired, I would crawl off to bed early, but I also knew that I could do it, and so I have been in fulltime (30+ hours) of work since.

Earlier last month, I decided that I really needed some extra cash, so I took on packing apples in the evening, from 5 until 9 for a local orchard. I only wanted to do it three nights a week, and guess what – I am coping with it. My weekends are my free time, and I generally do sweet nothing, but I don’t mind. The weekends are for resting and doing little to nothing anyway.

So, when it came to writing, I thought, hell, let’s just jump from the frying pan and into the fire. Let’s do Camp Nano – which is National Novel Writing Month, but the camp version is finishing a story, editing a story, planning a story, etc. I knew that I had to start writing one of my stories in this half of the year, so I thought, why not! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. And here we are, three days in, and I am already ahead of my word count, which I set at 25000 – for some really stupid reason, which is about 833.333 words per day. I reckon if I can hit 850 per day, I’ll be sweet.

The story is flowing out of me, and I also have been sharing tidbits on my Catherine Mede facebook page, so if you want to get an inside into Finding Sam’s family, head over there to check it out.

Until next week.


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