Week 1 of Camp Nano

I have been really happy with the progress of Finding Sam’s Family. I wrote 8838 words in the first 9 days and shared some snippets on my Catherine Mede Facebook page. A lot of people have been liking my progress, so it’s been great to interact with people there.

This story has been a strange one to write, because it is about adoption and in this case, Sam doesn’t know until her family is dead that she was adopted. Research-wise, it was an interesting rabbit hole to disappear down, there are so many stories of people, as adults, not knowing that they were adopted until they were in the late 20’s, and how it affected their identity, their sense of place in the world, trust is shattered because it was broken by the very people who raised you. It was very interesting, and sad.

As I’ve said before, this is based on a true story – I was watching The Repair Shop one night. It’s a British TV show that restores vintage and old furniture, toys, paintings, leatherwork. This particular one I watched; a gentleman brought in a lap-sized writing desk. His story was that he found it in the corner of the attic of his sister’s house after she had died. Inside was a birth certificate to say that his sister was actually his mother, and his parents were his grandparents.

My plotting board where I place ideas and thoughts and bring them together to create the story.

It got me thinking about how it would affect someone, what their thought processes were, how they viewed themselves and the relationships around them if they found out that their family wasn’t who they thought they were. Of course, then you have to plot out a backstory which becomes the main story as well as the back story, and things just get complicated from there.

But I am enjoying the fact that the words are coming out, they are flowing, and with a word count of about 850 per day, I have been totally blowing that out of the water.

Still, because it is Easter, I ran out of time to do this blog yesterday, and since today was a holiday, and another day off work, I thought you would all forgive me for writing it now… lol

Until next week.

Take care out there

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