Camp Nano, Week 2

Another successful week at Camp Nano, and I would like to thank all those who have been liking my posts on my Catherine Mede facebook page. At least I know I’m reaching some people.

I’ve really enjoyed working on the story this week, and it has been coming together nicely. The story has been flowing, and I hope to have more than 25k written by the end of the month.

Yesterday (Saturday), my partner, Mr H and I went to Wineheim to catch up with my Mum. She had some gardening jobs for me to do, and Mr H fixed her garage door so that it was more secure. Mum moved to Wineheim about 14 months ago, and the transformation in her garden is amazing. I came home with a sack full of Dahlia tubers, so if anyone wants any, just let me know.

I also caught up with my Dad and StepMum in Ferrytown. They are working through the process of downsizing, and I ended up with some golf clubs and a trolley, plus a couple of other items that can stay put at their place for now. They are moving into a lifestyle village (not retirement home!) and they need to get rid of things. Their place isn’t big anyway, but Dad has a lot of tools etc. I ask for what I want… but I have no idea what I want!

Anyway, plans to keep ticking along with the story this week, packing in the evenings, working during the day, only a few more weeks and I will have my evenings to myself again.

Anyway, until next time

Kia kaha

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