Enter July

And like that, poof, half of the year has gone. And I have edited two books and written one. Phew, that was pretty awesome way to start the year.

I have finished my current Organic course, and passed, I have signed up for the next paper, which starts in July, but again, if I pace myself, then I will be able to finish it on time and with some time to spare.

In writing news, I started working on worldbuilding for my fantasy novel series. I have parts of the storyline coming together, some characters developing, I have the setting (West Coast of the South Island) and I am tossing up some ideas regarding the storyline – such as the five elements. However, I am in two minds, because it feels like its over done. So I am thinking more along the lines of the five continents. That way I can have a racially diverse story too, which means studying customs and cultures of those countries.

I have been exploring lots of different software to keep my series bible – which is where all the information about the story is kept. In the end I decided to go back to a tried and true favourite that I haven’t used in a long time – Evernote. I haven’t jused this for years, and was delightfully surprised when I signed in to discover that all of my previous notes have been kept. Which included character and story ideas, including the “Inception” of the world. I knew this had been written down somewhere but couldn’t find it in all of the places I had looked. So that is one less thing to worry about.

But the world building will take some time, and I now have Fridays off work over the winter months to enable to me to spend some time on this. Last weekend was my first weekend off, and I spent it at Mum’s having a well earned break, away from the computer. Instead I read for the entire time I was away – apart from when Mum and I went shopping. I now feel more refreshed and ready to get going with my planning.

Anyway, how is your week going? Hope you have survived the weather hitting the country, and the world at the moment.

Kia kaha

Catherine x

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