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Hello! It’s been a week! Lots going on, in respect to my mental health. Some days are good, some are bad, and its winter, so it means I am struggling. However, I discovered that increasing my heart rate does help.

So anyway, July is now in full swing, and I plan on going over Second Hand Daughter for another read through, because I like to edit my stories several times before I actually start looking for an editor, or start shipping it out. And while I have left it to stew in its own juices for a couple of months, I realised that I could really amp up the story by including the seven stages of grieving – Shock (at hearing the news), Denial (avoiding the inevitable), Anger (outpouring of bottled up emotions), Bargaining (looking for a way out), Depression (final acceptance), Testing (seeking a solution) and Acceptance (finding a way to keep going). I have most of these elements in the story, but I think I can make the story more by showing this more.

I’m also planning to write in August, so doing a little bit of research for that – it’s my modern twist on A Christmas Carol. It won’t be ready for Christmas this year, but definitely next year.

And I have my Friday’s free from work until the end of August, so really working on getting my stories sorted, as I am also planning my Dragon series, so pretty busy with the writing thing at the moment, which is good. I’m really pleased with my progress to date, and hope I can keep up the pace as the year progresses.

Anyway, take care everyone.

Kia kaha

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