The Journey Continues

Last month I started my dental journey, getting my teeth fixed after years of neglect. On Friday, I had the biggest procedure yet. Eleven (yes, 11) teeth removed.

I went into this feeling very uneasy, as I had opted for sedation. And they use Hypnovel, it keeps you conscious during the procedure, but you don’t remember it. I also given local anesthetic to numb my mouth.

During the procedure I remember a lot of tugging and pulling. And I recall the tying of the stitches (I think I have four). And there was a bizarre conversation about naming kids, and how the trend while Game of Thrones was popular to call your daughters Daenerys, and how she went mad at the end of the program, and how parents are probably regretting that name choice now.

Three days later, I am doing okay. I haven’t had any painkillers since Saturday night, and while I’m still on liquified food, I’m enjoying that. Soup, Up and Go, yoghurt, icecream and Dahl are my go-to food options at the moment. Trying to make sure I have kiwifruit twice a day as well, as I need the fibre, and protein options (my yoghurt) with each meal.

I have two more procedures to go, both fillings, but I’m not as stressed about that. I’ve done the fillings; I can cope with that. I just need to start selling books or take on extra work to pay for a plate so I can chew my food properly again.

Here’s to being able to smile properly again.


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