Week something or other

The weeks are merging into one, and October seems to have flown by. This year, because I planned and organised myself writing-wise, has actually been going ok, not fast, not slow, but I’m aware of each week, and they are going okay.

But this month, whoa! Somehow it’s the 22nd and I only just started the month yesterday – at least it feels like it. And of course, things are going to get more chaotic as we head into the end of the year.

I’ve been editing again – Secondhand Daughter. Now you might be thinking, but you’ve already edited it. And you would be right. But I like to give everything a couple of passes, because there are always things you miss, or don’t get quite right the first time around, so going over everything again gives you a fresh perspective, and I like to give it a couple of months between edits.

And this time, I’ve been using a feature in Word that reads the text back to you, and I was incredibly surprised by just how many things it picks up, words that are missing, or sentences that don’t sound right. It’s been an amazing tool to use and will make my editing so much tighter.

After this round of edits, I will pass it onto an editor and see what they make of it. Hopefully, having edited it so many times myself it is as near to polished as I can get it. An editor just gives it that final pass, that final finesse that makes it really shine.

I can’t wait to get this out to you all, hopefully early next year.

What have you been up to this week?

Kia kaha


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