Merry Christmas

Well, today, in New Zealand and the southern hemisphere at least, it is Christmas, so Merry Christmas to you. I hope that you have a lovely day and are able to celebrate with family and friends.

As I’m writing this on Sunday night, I will have spent the morning with Mr H’s family and then heading over to Wineborough to spend time with my family. I love getting together with my family at this time of year, even if some of them aren’t talking to others.

Christmas is all about spending time with those you love, and today I will be spending time with those I am closest to. I make a lot of the gifts I give, because I want people to know how much I care about them. And I love to give gifts, and often I will give to people without expecting anything in return.

So eat, drink and be merry tomorrow, and enjoy your day, no matter where you are.

Kia kaha


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