And Back to work on Monday

I have had such a lovely restful week. So blissful, sleep in’s, afternoon naps, doing things, being places, and so much writing! But the hard reality is, I have work again. And I’m feeling kind of blah about it.

I love work, I love gardening, and I love the people that I meet, but sometimes, I would rather just be sitting at home doing nothing – but then, I’d end up wishing I was somewhere other than home.

This last week has been really nice, because Mr H has been home too, so we have been for swims together, played golf, been over to Richtown and had a coffee. He’s been there when I’ve woken up from a nap. He’s encouraged me when I’ve been writing and editing. The thing is, we are all back to work tomorrow, so it wouldn’t be the same. Mr H wouldn’t be there when I woke up from a nap. He wouldn’t be there to do things with.

Until I start making enough money from my writing – which will happen, (I have it on my 5-year plan, to be making enough money to retire from my day job and actually spend my time writing.) I just have to suck it up and go back to work.

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