Extra Naps Necessary

Hello from my corner of the world. I love this spot so much, and it was a lovely sunny day when I came outside, but now the sun has disappeared… and it’s gotten colder.

Anyway, Last weekend, I had a lovely weekend in Wineborough, catching up with my family. I had such a lovely holiday, and we (my partner, Mr H and I) also got to go to the Wings and Wheels show. It was pretty spectacular with lots of fancy and old cars, along with the old planes they keep at Omaka Air Base.

This weekend, it was the Car Show at the Show Grounds, so another few hours whiled away, looking at cars and spending time just inhaling exhaust fumes.

I easily get over-peopled. Its not people as such, its the crowd, the overwhelming amount of people that attend these things. I have a large personal space, and I don’t like people entering that space unless I invite them to, so people pushing around me, and walking into me, really makes me feel small and insignificant (even though I am anything but small!) Being an introvert, I like my little corner of peace and quiet, that’s how I recover from my day-to-day life. In the weekends, if I spend it at a large gathering like that, I almost need a day off to recover from being over-peopled.

Since discovering that I am an introvert, things make so much more sense, like how I appreciate time alone, how I recover from being overwhelmed when I have space and quiet around me.

Because of my depression, my brain goes into hyperdrive, and when I am overwhelmed, and over-peopled I tend to find that I need to shut down mentally, and to achieve this, I need to nap. Some might call it being lazy, but I have come to accept that it is part of who I am. And what I need to be the wonderful, zany and weird person that I am.

So, if you find yourself overcrowded and in desperate need to sleep, go and do it. You might find it is your body’s way of trying to recover.

How has your week been? Not too overwhelming I hope.

Kia Kaha


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