Another Season Apple Packing

Yes, that time has come again, Apple Packing Season. I’m looking forward to it this year, as I know what to expect. 4 hours of listening to podcasts, and I’ve been saving up my favourites to listen to.

And yes, this money is going towards me getting a plate to replace the teeth that I had removed, and I am super excited about that. It’s taken a long time to come about, but things are ticking along. I have one more session with the dentist to fix repair three teeth (replace the fillings) and then an xray / scan of my head to get ready for the plate.

I have a lot more confidence now than I did before I had my teeth removed, even though I have a gappy smile. But I know that it is a work in progress, and things are moving forward.

Speaking of things moving forward – Autumn has arrived, not that you will know right now. I have also started my last paper in the organic’s course I started last year. Probably not the best idea to start it about the same time I’m packing but it’s only ten weeks (the packing). Worse comes to worse, I can redo the paper in July 2024, but I want to finish it so I can focus on writing and editing for the rest of year.

So how are you doing this week? Hope everything is going good for you.

Kia kaha


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