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Catherine Mede lives in Rural New Zealand with her husband, son and two cats.  She works as a Teacher Aide at the local Area School.  When not writing, Catherine likes to read, draw and garden.

Having developed a love for writing when she was at High School, it wasn’t until she was in her thirties she decided to really get down and dirty with the words in her head. 

Romance is something that Catherine likes to write about because she understands the need to get lost in a love that sometimes seems mythical.  And adding Fantasy elements just fulfills her needs to be creative fanciful worlds to escape into.

Catherine has a short story published in a Masters of Horror Anthology and attends writing seminars and groups in her area.

When she is rich and famous, Catherine intends to have a large library which will double as her writing space.

You can contact Catherine Mede through her website www.catherinemede.com and facebook, twitter and pinterest  or email her catherine dot catherinemede dot com – she loves to have contact with her fans.



Wow, where does one begin to explain who I am?

I’ve just turned 40 (my body is saying yes, my mind is saying NO) and inexperienced in the ways of the world, but loving life and trying to make the most of my writing experiences to encourage others.

I have always had a love of literature, and an overactive imagination, so it was not a big step to put pen to paper and write.

Writing is a passion that has led to lots of new open doors for me and I intend to explore them and find out where they lead.  This blog is my journey through the vast hemisphere of writing and publishing.

During 2011 I was diagnosed with depression which brought a halt to a lot of my writing activity, however I have kept my blog going, aiming to write at least once a week, in order to keep my fingers nimble and my mind active!


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