Space and Time Discontinuum

Curse of the TaniwhaAnother busy week has been and gone.  And once more I have been scrambling for time and space to do some writing, alone time and pretty much anything else.  I can tell you that I am sleeping better (yay!) and can’t really tell you that I have been doing anything special, just sleeping.

It is over a week now since I started the Junk Food Free August – no takeaways, chocolate, white bread, icecream, cakes, muffins, pastry’s, fizzy drink, biscuits, chips, anything that is fun basically.  I have lost a few centimetres already, but I think that has more to do with an increased fluid intake rather than actual weight lost.  I have found myself eating more fruit bread.  I’m finding it hard to find things to fill me up.  It has been challenging, fortunately it doesn’t count out alcohol, so I can still have a tipple if I have a bad day.

Writing wise, I have managed to eek a few moments in here and there.  But not enough for my liking.  At least I have done two hours this week, which is about an hour more than last week.  I also finished the ending of the Taniwha story, so now I have to work on the middle.  I have some ideas, but I want more conflict – what can I throw at the heroine and the hero to make the situation more dangerous, tricky?  She is accident prone, so I don’t want to focus on her any more.

Anyway, a fresh week awaits.  Lets hope there is more writing time than this week just been.


A time to write?

C Mead final logoBoy, it has be one of THOSE weeks (or two) where I have just about met myself coming backwards.

I have been working with my husband in the weekends, and thereby effectively cutting out any downtime I would normally get. Here’s to my husband having normal hours soon 🙂

Writing has been taking a busy turn lately, with another new project – although it is a long term project. It will all be revealed early next year. Lets just say, I get to write it once a month, and still have about 6 months to finish it.

I have done some work on the Taniwha story, although not as much as I would like. An idea has been swirling around in my head, but I realised that it was just a repetition of what has already happened in the story, until I decided that it needed to happen to another of the characters. Now it is formulating, and I will hopefully get to write it later this week.

Life in general is just busy at the moment. I can’t seem to find time to clean the house, let alone work at my part time job, work for my husband and be a wife and mum. I am hoping something will give soon, because I can’t keep going like this.

Anyway, how is your week progressing?

Finding Time

C Mead final logoI have a bad habit of putting things off.  Until the last minute, and you know what?  Sometimes that last minute doesn’t come.  But sometimes it does, and passes and I’ve missed my opportunity.

But this week, I have been making an effort and found time to write at least a thousand words on my Taniwha story, which I am absolutely thrilled about, because I struggled with it, wrestled with it for weeks.  I was kind of stuck wondering where the scene I was on, was going to go, but I didn’t need to.

I am a methodical writer.  I like to have a plan, start at the beginning, work my way through the middle and come to a satisfying end.  This story is different.  I have written the beginning, missed some, done some of the middle, and missed some, and now I am writing the ending.

This piecemeal way of writing doesn’t sit easily with me, so that is why I have been struggling with it, and I have managed to struggle to find time to write, because I have been too busy AVOIDING writing.

Bangs Head on Desk by Tolan88 @ deviantart

Bangs Head on Desk by Tolan88 @ deviantart

And I didn’t need to.  Because on Wednesday I decided I needed to write a thousand words.  And I did the same on Thursday and Friday, so in all, I have over 3000 words added this week.  Which is 3000 words closer to finishing the story.

So instead of avoiding writing, I am making time, even if it is only half an hour, to write.  Because if I don’t, then I won’t write.

How do you make time to write?

Nothing to See Here…

Curse of the TaniwhaC Mead final logoOther than snot, snot and more snot!  Argh, I normally bounce back after a cold, but I haven’t been able to!  Makes me so damned … ARGH!

So, I managed to get some writing done this week.  Once.  Slack aye.  Really annoys me, and really, I could blame me being sick, my husband being home, my son being home sick… but really, it was all to do with me not getting off my lazy butt and doing something about it.

But I did on Friday – I actually managed to get some writing done, and edited the first part of my Taniwha story – why editing?  Because when I went through my plan, I discovered that I had something in there about comparing the two relationships that Rena has – with her boyfriend and the Taniwha.  So I needed to make the relationship with her boyfriend a bit more substantial, and leaving little tidbits of information in there that would show up with later reflection.

And I think I have accomplished that now.

So this week, I have to make a concerted effort to actually get some writing done.  I am about half way through the story, and about half way through the word count.

Half way, the magical mark.  If I can just get over the hurdle of my illness, then I can really focus and concentrate – so I need to stop wallowing in my illness and get my writing going.


Where is the year going?

C Mead final logoI think that I wrote a post with exactly the same theme last year!  But where is the year going?

I haven’t been up to much lately, and once more I have changed my web format.  while I liked the old one, it wasn’t really what made me happy, so I chose another one, and I kinda like it!

Curse of the TaniwhaI have made a decision about Curse of the Taniwha.  You see, I was having issues with it.  I knew where I wanted the story to go, but it wasn’t really gathering pace or steam like I wanted it to.  I went back to the original plotting phase I had on it, and realised that I had two sub plots.  The relationship between Rena and Rob, and Rena and the taniwha.  This made a bit more sense to me, so I have gone back to the beginning, and instead of having a prologue, I have started with the prologue as chapter one, and written more about Rob and Rena getting together.  The start of chapter three or four will be about 6 months down the track, showing the change in the relationship.  This will show the contrast between the relationship that Rena and the taniwha have.

I am feeling a little more excited about this story now, and I also have a rather a big ending on it, with a bit of a brainwave in regards to the connection between Rob and the Taniwha – oh yeah, there is a connection, and it is a doozy.

On the creative front, I have started doing patchwork.  Why?  I really don’t know, but I am enjoying it.  I just got to get used to colour values, lights and darks and working from there.  Still, my first effort wasn’t too bad, considering I hand stitched it, and I am not a very good sewer, however I can only get better with practice.

I have been looking further into self publishing, and have found a great site with details on how to build an Authors Platform.  I have decided to do a series on these, featuring on a Saturday, just about how I am creating my image, and getting my writing off the ground.  Hopefully, by the time I am finished, I will have a great authors website for my followers  🙂

Anyway, I have other jobs I need to get on with right now.  Hope everyone has a good writing week.  🙂

Making the Most of Nature

Recently I wrote about a fact finding mission to Nelson Lakes.  Well, that was the shakedown trip for my Abel Tasman Tramp, which I did last weekend (16th May to 20th May).

It was an amazing four days, filled with adventure, sweat, blood and tears (okay, the last two happened on the second to last day), but it was also filled with beauty and creativity.

Walking out of Awaroa, we saw the isolation of one of the houses in there, and an idea sprang to mind.  When we arrived at the Bark Bay hut, within 2 hours, I had a rough outline of a story.  I couldn’t believe it, normally a story takes me a few days or weeks to get all the details, but this story just popped into my head and just kept growing, so by the time I reached the hut, I had enough information to really get something down.  I can’t believe it.

And while it doesn’t fit into the “Cursed Love” series that I am currently writing, it could start a whole new “Running Away” series, where people are running away from their lives and trying to find something new.

And talking of “Cursed Love” series, I spied my walking companion’s necklace and an idea came to me.  I am currently studying Mauri Ora, the Maori Culture.  The first few things we learn about are some of the Maori myths and legends, and the myth of Maui was one I had read recently.  The story, and seeing my friend’s whale bone necklace has started the old synapses firing, and I have a rather epic last story for Cursed Love series.

Curse of the TaniwhaOn Saturday, I managed to crank out over 2k on Curse of the Taniwha, and some ideas on where I want the story to go.  I can’t wait to get it sorted, and have got fired up to start writing it again.  Yay!

So getting back to the title, making the most of nature, I challenge people to get out and have a look around, use the scenery around you, go for walks and take a look at what you see.  Sometimes ideas will pop into your head, sometimes entire ideas will make themselves known.  You won’t know unless you try it.


Fact Finding Mission

Curse of the TaniwhaI love when you can combine two interests together.

Recently, a friend and I made the decision to walk the beautiful Abel Tasman track from Totaranui to Marahau, and we have been going for walks at least once a week to get ourselves into some semblance of fitness.

Lake Rotoiti Tramp 1 May 2014 008As a “shakedown” trip, we decided to take the kids hiking during the school holidays up to Lake Head Hut at Lake Rotoiti and back.  It is a three hour walk, while most of the trips on Abel Tasman is four hours, but we figured, if we could do three hours, we could do four.  And to see how we would manage with fully loaded packs.

I had another reason for wanting to go up Lake Rotoiti.  I have based my story Curse of the Taniwha at Lake Rotoroa, a neighbouring lake to Lake Rotoiti, and I wanted to be able to describe the area, the native forest, sounds, sights, textures etc.

I have to say that we were successful on both fronts.  The walk was a success (with one exception, but that isn’t worth discussing here), and we learnt some valuable lessons about packing our packs, and storage, what was necessary and what wasn’t.  I also learnt that the sleeping bag we have, while rated for 0 degrees, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will keep you warm at 0 degrees!  My boots killed my feet, so I have decided to swap them for my sneakers, which I know are comfortable and I can wear without too much worry and pain.

View from Lake Head Hut

View from Lake Head Hut

As far as writing goes – well, I got a feast of information.  While it wasn’t Lake Rotoroa, the areas are very similar – surrounded by native bush, mirror finish lake…  In the morning when we got up, a mist was rolling up the valley from the Lake, and mist was rising from the Lake, and as my story is set in Winter, it gave me an awesome perspective of what it would have looked like.  The smells of the native bush, the smell of the lake, the pebbly beaches, glimpses of the lake through the native bush, the coldness, etc.  I love it.  I do have to do a fact finding mission to Lake Rotoroa and the Sabine Hut, but for now, I am happy with the information that I got.

So on Friday, my friend and I are heading off to Abel Tasman to start our adventure.  Fingers crossed we make it out at Marahau on Tuesday with no major injuries… You never know, could be the setting for the next curse story…!