Goals Update – September 2013

Its hard to believe that I haven’t really done a goals update for a while (apparently it was January / February!!!)  Anyway, my goals update is as follows:

1.  Complete Ice Planet 

2.  New Year Novella – The Gamble – 10000 (and growing)

3. Evil Editors Unite – March -The Gothic Novel –  I actually edited the Ice Planet

4. NZ Book Month, NZ authors blog a day!  I got about 20 writers in the end, was absolutely fabulous – thanks to all the fabulous authors who supported my site during this time.

5.  SoCNoC – Cursed Love

Who's that Girl6. the End is Nigh – I originally intended to edit the Ice Planet, but instead I edited The Gamble / Cursed Love and plotted out another story – Who’s That Girl

I have pretty much accomplished all my goals, so I decided to push myself a little bit so I decided to write for NaNoWriMo in November.  My plan was to write a steampunk story, but then decided I wanted to write in September.  When the opportunity arose, I decided to make a go for it.  It was a submission call with a picture prompt for Who’s That Girl.  The picture was so fabulous, I could not resist and have a wonderful story bubbling away inside.  I can now write this story and will have to think of another one to write for NaNo!

So goals-wise

7.  Write Who’s that Girl in September (goal 25 – 35k)

8. Write 50k novel during NaNoWriMo in November.


I Love Showers!

Odd title for a post, I know, but for a long time, I have found that it is a fabulous place to think (and driving is also a nice time for me to plot and plan novels too).  While working on The Gamble, I found (but I also knew) that there were a few problems with the story, not so much the plot line, but more how to show the change in Astra.

Before I proceed further on my epiphany, a little science lesson.  Apparently, most people get great ideas while walking in the rain, or during a shower, and the reason for this, is the negative ions that the falling droplets produce.

  • Simple explanation

    Simple explanation

    Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy.

  • Negative ions stabilize brain function – effect – relaxation and calmness.
  •  http://www.iriswellbeing.com/negative_ions.html – check out this link for more interesting points on how negative ions are good for our bodies and how walks in the rain, by waterfalls, or in forests can be beneficial.  So, having a shower or walking in the rain is actually good for you.

So back to the epiphany – My problem is there are three main characters – Evan, Astra and Gryffyn.  The place where Gryffyn and Astra live is a quiet place, but there are no other characters there, and I thought about introducing a travelling salesman to show how Astra went from being a quiet little mouse to someone who is more confident.

housekeeperAnd then I as I was climbing out of my shower, I thought – what about a housekeeper?  The house is large enough to accommodate one, and a housekeeper would act as a motherly kind of person for Gryffyn – and also Astra – and some of the ideas that I had about showing the change would work nicely with having a matronly type of person for Astra to relate to.  Would also explain some of the easiness with which Astra accepts Gryffyn’s big secret – if she already had an idea.

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea, and as Astra and her own mother have a strained relationship, with a housekeeper, Astra could finally have the female acceptance she has always wanted, plus after the explosive ending, Astra would have some comfort from the housekeeper.

So here is your lesson for today – if you are stuck with a problem – have a shower or go for a walk in the rain or in a forest.  You might be surprised just how much information you might have stored in your brain when you get back.  And if you don’t get your ideas flowing, at least your health will be for it.

Plodding Along… Again

Well the end is nigh, for me, for KQ&N anyway.  What am I talking about?  The End is Nigh Challenge over at KiwiWriters.

I am the challenge host because I love this challenge, along with Evil Editors Unite, in March.  It is an opportunity for me to get some stories whipped into shape.

I have picked Of Kings Queens and Noblemen (KQ&N) because it is the second SoCNoC novel that I wrote, but I thought it sucked majorly.  When I reread it recently, I realised it wasn’t quite as bad as I originally thought, and the storyline was actually quite good.  So I have resurrected this project to try and breathe some life into it.

It is a fantasy romance, something quite outside of my realm, but after writing a romance novella about Medusa, I think I can fine tune this one better than I could have before, and therefore able to give it more justice.

It has only 21 chapters, but some are quite long so I think I will do what I did for Medusa and make the chapters only a couple of pages long, I like short sharp chapters.

So hopefully, at the end of August, I will have a novel ready for some readers.  I will let you know when I am ready for that.

In the meantime, I really need a new keyboard! This one keeps skipping letters on me.


Right.  Well I have done it.  I have GONE AND DONE IT!  I have finished Medusa’s Garden (and I kept the title), I have tweaked, fiddled, edited and played with it until, on Sunday Afternoon, I was totally satisfied that this was a story I could submit.  And it is ready to go.  Just working on the query letter and I will get it sent.

Am I nervous?  Yes and no.  Yes, because it is a “baby” that I have sent off.  No, because whatever happens, I have done my best on the story, and I am happy with it.  It is gets accepted, that is fantastic.  If it doesn’t, it was worth the experience.

So as I wrap up one project, I am onto my next, which is editing for The End is Nigh over at KiwiWriters.  I am still unsure which project to work on – I have three which all could really fit into the category, but at this stage, I am probably leaning towards getting Of Kings Queens and Noblemen finished, it is edited to about half way through, so getting the rest of it finished would be a good start, then getting it out to beta readers (anyone interested – Fantasy romance?).  I also have the Gothic novel and ice planet story to finish, but I think KQ&N will give me enough of a challenge for now.

Next in the writing ideas?  I don’t know.  The fairy idea is still brewing.  The dragon one is not on the boil, so not yet.  I guess I will just have to wait and see where the next part of my life takes me.

KiwiWriters Blogging Week – Day Two

Day Two… what now?

Goals – I know I go on about goals all the time, but goals are important, even in life.

I set myself Writing Goals every year, so that I have a goal I work towards.  They are simple enough, easy to achieve, while stretching me to achieve something that I might not have achieved had I not set myself a goal.

In life, you need to have goals too.  Goals keep you going in your day to day activities, and sometimes you might not even be aware that you have them.  Just to get through the day can sometimes be a goal.  To get tea prepared by lunchtime is a goal.  Going to the shop and not overspending… yip that’s a goal too.

So do you have any writing goals?

Mine have been quite varied, and I like to keep them in line with KiwiWriters challenges.  Like March is Evil Editors Unite, so I have a story I want to edit during March.  June is SoCNoC (Southern Cross Novel Competition), so I have a story to write during that time.  The End is Nigh in August is a perfect opportunity to get those projects finished that I haven’t had a chance to complete.

This year, because of my lack of motivation to write, I am concentrating on editing, with a view of getting some of my stories ready to be sent out to publishers by the end of the year.  I have four stories that could be ready, three that I definitely want to find homes for.  Fingers crossed, my editing goals will go well this year.