Personal Discoveries

When I discovered that I was an introvert, life became a lot easier, because I understand why I needed so much rest after a social gathering, or even being in a busy place like a supermarket or mall. My mental health of course also dictated that a sleep was necessary after being in such places.

I’ve been hearing a lot about Clifton Strength’s, espcially on the SPA Girls Podcasts, and thought I should finally do mine.

My top five were: Relator, Intellection, Learner, Positivity and Consistency. I was surprised that Relator came out on top, considering I am such an intense introvert, but Relator means that I enjoy close relationships with others, and I guess you could say that. I have lots of friends, but not many really close friends, and those that I do, I really value their opinion and thoughts, and I love spending time with them, and they don’t drain my energy.

Intellection was another surprise, as I don’t consider myself an intellectual, but I do enjoy a good intelligent conversation. It also means that I am introspective and intellectual discussions.

Learner is no surprise, I love studying and learning new things.

Positivity, I’m always being told that I have a positive attitude and ‘contagious enthusiasm’. I love encouraging people and telling them they’ve done a great job.

Consistency is another one that is strange, but then it means that I like to treat people the same, which I do, until you piss me off, and then you are put into the “asshole” category (and there are a few people in there…)

The top four strengths are about Relationship building and strategic thinking, and Consistency is about excuting themes and making them happen.

So there you go, something new to learn about me. It’s not as world changing as discovering I’m an introvert, but it helps me understand more aspects of myself and how I like to do things.