Procrastinators Anonymous

Meeting is now called to order… Or should we wait another 5 minutes.  I think 5 minutes isn’t long enough… or is it?

Ugly foot.

Anyway, while we wait, I have something I want to discuss, at least I think I do.  I seem to have a problem.  I can’t seem to get motivated enough to write.  I have been confined to barracks, signed up for Nano, but I don’t want to write.   Actually, I do want to write, but i guess because it is 50k, I am a little nervous.

This year, I have written three stories, one at 19k, one at 35k and one at 25k.  So 50k seems like an astronomical number to reach.  And considering it is the 6th today (while I am writing this) and only 1k done, I am definitely behind the 8 ball!

My story is quite exciting really, and I have already decided to change the beginning of the story, which means the beginning is now about half way through where I wanted my story to start.  And now I have to make up more of the story to get to 50k, but I don’t want to pad it out.

Halloween 003

Ugly Foot

To go along with that, I have a crook ankle – aka ugly foot.  Hence confined to barracks.  I fell a few weeks ago and damaged the ligament on the top of my foot and bruised the one going down from my ankle.  I have since fallen again and the ankle is twice the size it was and I am on crutches.  It hurts – no matter what I do with it.

I am so tired, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and I am wondering if my higher power is letting me know that I need to rest.  I wish he would also give me the will to write and write and write.

So, I will attempt to finish my latest novella and start working on my NaNo novel.

Wish me luck… or don’t, depending on where you are at with your own procrastination.


Romance Writing Here I come! (When I am ready?)

There have been some changes going on in my writing life – changes that I am nearly ready to start with… Nearly.

I am nervous, because it is romance writing, and it isn’t something I am really that crash hot on, but after reading some really interesting information from Net Places about writing a romance novel (they also have lots of info on writing a novel and creative writing too!)  I found this site very interesting and informative and I am almost ready… almost.

But I am procrastinating.  I guess because I will be writing a story from scratch – unlike Medusa which was reworking a story I had.  While it was a rewrite and I added almost 30k, it isn’t the same as starting a story from the beginning, filling in the middle, having a satisfactory ending, while also making everything come together romance-wise.

I have the storyline, a plot, couple of subplots, bits and pieces of the middle, a kind of ending, but for some reason I am resisting writing.  And I think it is the nervousness of writing something.  Even though I know that it won’t be bad, it just makes me extremely nervous.  I guess, I won’t know how it will go until I get down and dirty with my laptop (excuse the pun).

I also like having a timeframe to write in, that’s why I love SoCNoC and I am considering writing during Nano – except November is Exam month traditionally in NZ, so I won’t be able to write through some of it, because I will be reader / writer, possibly for more than one teen.

But I digress.  I guess, I could just challenge myself.  Set my own deadline and write to it.  I suppose I could… eventually.

I’m Actually Doing It…


I honestly can’t believe it, I am writing and I am enjoying it, and I have already done 5k towards HalfNoC!  Wow, I am seriously so stoked at the moment!  Wahoo, have a glass of wine to celebrate for me!  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!

It has been challenging, and a lot of the first part of the Medusa rewrite is just deleting irrelevant parts, but I am up to the nitty gritty now, where Medusa and Perseus meet – and I have set it up so that they have a relationship – but the ending is still elluding me.  It is for a happily ever after romance story, and we all know that Medusa gets her head chopped off, and my writing buddies LaVerne, Cherie and Sacha all like the idea of the curse ending with Medusa’s head being cut off, and she emerges from the ugly body as her new self… but here is the problem – we also know the Perseus marries Andromeda after rescuing her… So where do I go?

Initially my thoughts are to have Perseus claim that Medusa is Andromeda and comes up with a far fetched story, but it doesn’t sound whimsical enough for me.

Still, I have three weeks to mull ideas over, but if anyone can think of something interesting, do let me know, because I am all out of ideas at this stage.

But while I am talking about writing, I am so enjoying this process, that I am considering writing another story later in the year.  I might not participate in NaNo, but I might just spend a couple of months writing a fairy story that I have in mind (if only I can come up with an ending for it!)

Anyway – I AM WRITING!  Isn’t that just so exciting!

Doing 50k in a month

Some of my writer friends are stunned that I can write a novel in a month.  They don’t understand how I could do it.  I guess it is hard work, but it can be done.

I like to write, I love having the tight timeframe to work in also, and SoCNoC (or NaNoWriMo for the northern hemisphere) is a great opportunity to write solidly for a month.  Basically I have an idea that I want to work with anyway, and would have gone as far as to plan it out chapter by chapter and down as far as key scenes.

From there, it is a case of working out the numbers.

There are 30 days in June, if I am going to write every day, I need to write 1666.66 (or to make it easier 1667) words per day.  If I type 35 words per minute, I can type 2100 in an hour, so basically an hour a day of solid writing will accomplish this task (and if I do 2100 words per day for 30 days, I will have 63000 words.

But I have a son, two step sons, and a husband, so weekends are out.  And one of them is a long weekend for Queens Birthday weekend, and as it turns out, the Tuesday afterwards is teachers only day at school, so that is 10 whole days out of my schedule – Yeah nice aye!

So number crunching time again – 50k divided by 20 days = 2500 per day for the days that I can write.

OK, little more than an hours typing – but if you are passionate enough about the story, you will keep typing until you find a natural place to stop.

As of yet, I don’t really know what I am going to write… that is still to be decided, but whatever the decision, I will be looking forward to writing it.

Another reason I can do 50k in a month – most of the stories I write are fantasy based, I don’t have to worry too much about the location, the characters, the setting, themes etc.  If I was writing a historical novel, it is a different story, but I have recently blogged about this.

So writing 50,000 words in a month is achievable, it just takes discipline, courage and above all, a really good storyline!