Another Month Passes

December is upon us, another month has gone, another one closer to 2014.  Where did 2013 go???

My goals for the year were:

1.  Complete Ice Planet  – this now needs to be critiqued

2.  New Year Novella – The Gamble – 10000 (and growing) – edited, just needs more work

3. Evil Editors Unite –  I actually edited the Ice Planet

4. NZ Book Month, I got about 20 writers in the end – next year, there will be 31!

5.  SoCNoC – Cursed Love – written, edited and currently being critiqued.

6. the End is Nigh – I originally intended to edit the Ice Planet, but instead I edited The Gamble / Cursed Love and plotted out another story – Who’s That Girl

7.  Write Who’s that Girl in September (goal 25 – 35k) – I wrote this!  Currently being edited

8. Write 50k novel during NaNoWriMo in November. – started to write the Huntress, but decided that it needed more work first.

So as of now, I have written three novella’s this year, edited three stories.  I just put out a call for critique partners and found two wonderful people who I am quite keen to get started with.  It is all very exciting.

The Huntress story isn’t going to fade into the distance, I just need to work out the details of it, because I want it to be a trilogy, but each part needs to be stand alone.  The overall theme needs to be worked out, plus the theme for each story, and then plot each story.

This year has been exciting for me, because I have finally felt the desire and passion to write again.  Hopefully this means that next year will be a year of publishing for me  🙂


Procrastinators Anonymous

Meeting is now called to order… Or should we wait another 5 minutes.  I think 5 minutes isn’t long enough… or is it?

Ugly foot.

Anyway, while we wait, I have something I want to discuss, at least I think I do.  I seem to have a problem.  I can’t seem to get motivated enough to write.  I have been confined to barracks, signed up for Nano, but I don’t want to write.   Actually, I do want to write, but i guess because it is 50k, I am a little nervous.

This year, I have written three stories, one at 19k, one at 35k and one at 25k.  So 50k seems like an astronomical number to reach.  And considering it is the 6th today (while I am writing this) and only 1k done, I am definitely behind the 8 ball!

My story is quite exciting really, and I have already decided to change the beginning of the story, which means the beginning is now about half way through where I wanted my story to start.  And now I have to make up more of the story to get to 50k, but I don’t want to pad it out.

Halloween 003

Ugly Foot

To go along with that, I have a crook ankle – aka ugly foot.  Hence confined to barracks.  I fell a few weeks ago and damaged the ligament on the top of my foot and bruised the one going down from my ankle.  I have since fallen again and the ankle is twice the size it was and I am on crutches.  It hurts – no matter what I do with it.

I am so tired, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and I am wondering if my higher power is letting me know that I need to rest.  I wish he would also give me the will to write and write and write.

So, I will attempt to finish my latest novella and start working on my NaNo novel.

Wish me luck… or don’t, depending on where you are at with your own procrastination.

Done, but not Dusted

pikuroaSoCNoC 2013 is over.  I can tell you that I have completed 6k in a day, and HalfNoc, but did not manage to achieve SoCNoC, and not through lack of trying! Unfortunately time ran out on me, especially as it ended on a weekend, when I have family commitments to take care of.

But I still have a story to finish, which I will be doing this week, hopefully, and I am looking forward to August – the End is Nigh Challenge, to complete a project, which for me, is traditionally an editing month.  I hope to also have my novella finished, so I can get that edited during the End is Nigh also.

There were some interesting twists and turns in the story, and most of them happened later in the month which is unusual for me, but the changes have been slotted into the story nicely.  I have a couple of scenes I still need to add earlier in the story, but they will fit in.  I am looking forward to getting this story finished, I have really enjoyed writing it.

Further on the writing front, I have two articles to write up and send away to The Rural site, and a writing assignment to get done.  My son is off “sick” today, so I might use this time at home to get started on getting things finished  🙂

Catch up Time

I entered the Page and Blackmore Short Story competition – and it sounds like the top 10 entries have already been decided.  Kind of excited to hear back, because the first 100 entries get feedback on their stories, with the top 10 getting more indepth.  I hope I am in the top ten, but I am not holding my breath.  Short stories aren’t my forte.

Yesterday, I finished the ending of my novella.  So now I only have the middle to work on.  I have some of it, but I need to incorporate more of the Gamble / risk (as I do to the ending too), and how she changes from being frightened to a confident woman.

Planning is also proceeding on The Cursed Love, with a wide awake session last week when my muse insisted that he didn’t want to be a player, but a widower instead.  It does fit in with the story, and he is able to sympathise with the heroine, I just wish he didn’t have to wake me at 1am to tell me… I guess the muse can strike anytime, anywhere.  The story seems to have taken on a life of its own, with lots of interesting twists and turns… just have to work out how to recover from them and progress the story.  I want to start writing this in June for SoCNoC.

Which leads me nicely to KiwiWriters.  The site will be up and running on 1st June, earlier if we can manage it.  It is coming together nicely and looks fabulous.  Hopefully it will be more interactive and user friendly and look a lot more like an NZ site, rather than a generic site.  There are lots of wonderful widgets and plugins that we have been able to use and the site does look magnificent (although I think I have already mentioned that!)

My articles have appeared on The Rural site, a list of my articles is available here.  It has been a very exciting time, and I have enjoyed writing these.  I intend to do a series on Women in Rural Businesses, and my first appointment is with a kinesiologist on Tuesday.  I am looking forward to the experience and to write about why she went into business in a rural area.

All’s Quiet on the Western Front

And not because I want it to be… nooooo, it is quiet because I have had to severely restrict my son’s computer time, and therefore every time I even look at the computer or laptop, he is right by my side…

I love my son dearly, but I don’t love that I can’t get anything else done, and that makes me grumpy, and grumpy mummy pushes son away who in turn gets separation anxiety and tries harder to reach me… see where this is going?

Today is the first day back at school for term 2, and I can’t WAIT for 8:20am which will occur in just over 20 minutes! Hallelujah!

What also doesn’t help is the muse for the novel I am planning for SoCNoC in June, waking me up at 1am to discuss that he doesn’t want to be a player, but a widower.  But that doesn’t suit my plans.  Man, I have not had an argument with a muse for quite some time.  I can see his point of view, and it adds to the pain, and then the heroine can assume that the pictures he looks at on his phone are his lovers… builds a little more tension I guess.  Now if only he told me how he wants the story to end!

I still have my Novella to finish, and thinking back over the title, it has given me some ideas.  It is called The Gamble, so it can be about taking risks.  The ending is coming together, I like the beginning, but now I need to fill in the middle.  It currently sits at 9k, so needs a fair amount in the middle to really flesh it out.  I really wanted to get this finished in May so I had a clear deck for writing the romance.  Oh well, will have to wait and see.

Best I get going and get the monster out of the house before I explode!

New Year Novella 2013

New Year Novella 2013 2It is nearly half way through the month, and I haven’t even got half way in my novella – but I have started.

I am so pleased with the story idea, it was one that came to me partially as a dream, and with a little help from facebook friends, I came up with a selkie as the main character and Gryphyn for his name.  I won’t go into details on my blog for fear of copyright issues, but it is a romance story with a difference.

I actually managed to plot the story out in a day, which is unusual for me, and I spent a night  running through it in my head, and when I woke up I gave it a few tweaks, and the next thing you know I have started writing it.  3k into 25k story.  If it comes out longer, I am happy with that, but I am not going to stress about the word count too much.

The heroine has already thrown me a couple of curve balls, she is a battered wife, and she can’t read, so I think Gryphyn has his work cut out for him.  Especially as she is still married to her no good lazy husband!

I have really enjoyed coming up with the story idea and writing has been fun.  There are some scenes where I think – that’s dull, but that can be made better or cut in the editing process.

When I have been writing, I have been sinking into the make believe world I have created which draws in elements of the orient, medieval village life and celtic history all in one glorious story.  That is what I love about world building, you aren’t restricted to any one element.

Well I suppose I should get my fingers off this keyboard and onto my other one.  check out my progress at Catherine Mede facebook page.

2013 Writing Goals

pen writingOK, so I am not being totally specific this time around, because I want to do more writing this year, but I do have some real projects I want to get finished, like Ice Planet and The Gothic Novel.  I am aware that I am coming into my third year of depression, and while I have come a long way, it still feels like I have a way to go before accomplishing the dream of writing 2 or more novels in a year.  This year I want to write one novel, and possibly one novella, though if that stretches out into a novel I will be happy with that.

So my goals are:

1.  Complete Ice Planet

2.  New Year Novella

3. Evil Editors Unite – Gothic Novel

4. NZ Book Month, NZ authors blog a day!  13 so far, room for more!

5.  SoCNoC

6. the End is Nigh – Ice Planet

If I decide to want to add more, I will.