Another Week, Another Dollar

With a title like that, is sounds like I have sold something, but I haven’t.  In fact, for the first time in 4 months, I got a job!  It was great, although I was a little rusty, it was relatively straight forward and simple, but those are the ones that tend to bite you in the behind.  Still, roll on more claims, which should happen now as EQC are finally dealing with the Christchurch claims, so less claims will be desk top assessed as they will have way too many!  Yahoo for me!

NPI – Haven’t posted because I have also been doing the KiwiWriters Blogging Week, of which I participated and did 7 blogs!  Go KiwiWriters!  So, here are the figures for the week:

Monday 11th – 2035 words

Tuesday 12th- 287 words

Wednesday 13th – 1137 words

Thursday 14th – nil

Friday 15th – 518 words

Saturday 16th – 527 words

Sunday 17th – 462 words

I have really struggled with this story, but with a little bit of research, I think I can pull this story out of the doldrums and really give it the impact it deserves.  Its funny how the story really lends itself to the Gothic nature, and with the research I have done, and the little tweaks I am going to make, is really going to make the story pop a little more.

I really do need to knuckle down and get some writing done though, I am severely behind the eight ball and I would prefer to be ahead of it, so a few days of 3k wouldn’t go amiss, just have to make the story more writable.

But first, I have housework to do!


NPI – Novel Push Initiative

Well, it is day two already – where did day one go?!  I signed up for NPI over at  What is NPI?  Novel Push Initiative, to get the writer back into writing.  As it coincided with me also writing a Gothic Novel for the month of October, I thought it was a great idea, then promptly forgot about it – Duh!

I wrote in my blog, which wasn’t very helpful, but I also did some more research into my novel, which also wasn’t very helpful, so today, I HAVE to do 250 words a day, or rather 500 to make up for failing right from the outset!  Guess, I will have to try and manage my time better!