The End is Nigh Update Week 3

pikuroaIt has been a busy couple of weeks, with school returning and a new work routine for me.  It takes me a couple of weeks to really get into a new routine and finding time to do other things like writing, assignments and most importantly, time for me.  Oh, and its whitebaiting season now too, so have had to help mend the net 🙂

I have finished editing The Gamble, and as previously blogged, I have some serious work to do on this, but I am happy with the new ideas.

I have a blog set up for critiquing, which is a closed blog, only those I invite are able to see the work and comment on it.

I am working on a new story idea – the Steampunk story just doesn’t seem to be coming together, but I found a submission call which had a cover as the inspiration, so I am in the process of planning this.  By the end of the month, I should have this finished because I want to start writing it next month.

Now, I am editing The Cursed Love, and have forwarded through the prologue to a Maori friend for translation of some of it.  I have had plenty of time over the weekend to do this, but I was procrastinating… I guess I love the story and I am scared I will find it is crappy or something.  It really shouldn’t be that bad.  There are no plot holes as far as I could see, so just need to pull my finger out.  I have done the first three chapters, so twelve left to go (I think).

Anyway, I found an interesting blog post over the weekend – 25 Editing Tips for Tightening Your Copy by The Write Life.  It is definitely well worth reading and printing out.


The End is Nigh – Project 1

Well, the end is nigh, for one project at least.  The End is Nigh is a challenge over at KiwiWriters, it involves finishing off a project that needs to be completed – i.e. editing, rewriting, just finishing a story.

I chose three projects, it was initially two, but the third one popped up at the last minute.  Just to finish one would be good.

My projects are:

1.  Finish and edit The Gamble

2. Edit Cursed Love

3. Finish Plan for Steampunk story.

So, this week, I printed out The Gamble and this is the project I have been working on.  I thought if I do one at a time, I am not going to get too wrapped up in trying to do all three at the same time, and as much as I can’t wait to rip into Cursed Love, I want to leave it a little longer.

I have my lovely pink pen out and working away studiously, and I came across a scene that seemed a little flat.  I reread it, and edited a little before coming to bed.

It wasn’t until the following morning that I realised what the problem was.  The scene involves an incident that is traumatic to the heroine, and it is supposed to be from her point of view, unfortunately, it reads more like it is from the hero’s point of view.  I’m pleased I have picked this up, because the scene was troubling me, and I didn’t want to remove it, because it is part of the reason why the heroine reacts to certain things the way she does.  She also needs to see the hero isn’t the bad guy.

There are a couple of scenes like that in this story, so now I understand why I can go back in and make the necessary corrections – if I can.  I need to get inside my heroines head more to understand why she is reacting the way she is.

All in all, I am happy with the way things are progressing, most of my editing is being done at night, because I am also doing research during the day about 1860’s Nelson, to start my Steampunk story.  I am keen to write this during September, I just need to get my planning finished.  If I actually do get the story done, then I will have to find another project for NaNo, but that won’t be too hard, a story idea came to me yesterday morning as I was making my cup of tea!  Its a more contemporary romance, but I think I can put in a paranormal twist… here’s hoping!

Fairies No More… Dragons No More… History Instead?

I have been anxious to get writing again, and I had thought to start writing my fairy story, but then I started creating a story for a friend of mine – and her storypen writing was about fairies, and it was bloody good.

And I kind of felt that if I wrote a story about fairies, then it would be like copying.  And I don’t ever want to be accused of that.  So the fairy story is on the back burner.

And then I decided that I would work on a dragon story that I had some plans for a wee while ago… and while I have two main characters and a taniwha, nothing else is coming together.

I have books full of ideas to work on, but nothing was really jumping out to me, until I thought back on one that I had on a poll a couple of years ago.  A steampunk story based in Nelson.  Why hadn’t I thought of it before now?  Because it got filed away in the background.

And the more I think about it, the more keen on the idea I am.  I won’t give ideas away, but I have a feisty main character, and an extraordinary ending, and a wonderful invention or two, all based in 1850’s / 1860’s Nelson when a recession was going on because the dreams and expectations of the new pioneers were not met by the NZ Company who were  going broke.

I love coming up with story ideas, and sometimes some will come forth better than others.  In this case, the dragon story, just doesn’t want to be written now, otherwise I would have come up with some story ideas by now.



Steampunk is new to me, but I have a fair idea of what I want to happen, and have a crazy inventor.  there is a lot of history and wonderful characters in Nelson around the 1850’s and 1860’s, and I have a few books on the local personalities at the time.  There is a wonderful female character who was very outstanding and used to sign letters to the editor with a non de plume.  It is suggested that even her husband didn’t know who she really was!  I think she definitely has to be in my story, she would make a great mentor for my female heroine.

But enough about that.  On Thursday a wonderful event is happening.  The End is Nigh.  No, not the end of the world, the end of some writing projects.  If you are interested, please check out this link for the End is Nigh.  It is a KiwiWriter Challenge, which I am hosting.  It involves finishing off a writing project, whether it be finishing writing on a project, editing a project, tidying up a project – anything to do with writing really.  It involves finishing it off.  I am going to work on finishing the middle section of The Gamble, and also tidy up Cursed Love, both of which will both be put away for another month before I work on editing them again.  I like to leave a project for a month or two before editing on it.  It helps to read the story anew, and come to it with fresh eyes.

So busy month ahead, with planning, plotting and editing  🙂

Plans, Plans, Plans, Plans and more Plans

Every where I turn, I seem to be planning!  It is currently the school holidays here in good ole NZ, and as I haven’t had my boy for the first week, I have been cleaning.  And planning.

My plan for the first week, was to clean and tidy the house.  This has been successfully done in the main areas, like the lounge and kitchen (and I regularly clean the bath and toilet, so didn’t feel it was necessary to put them here, but I just have!).  The second week, I have my steppies, and my son, so planning on spending time with them, and some cleaning – perhaps in youngest son’s room… time will tell.

DSCF6849I have also been planning my Inspiration jar, which I blogged about last Thursday.  I have since been playing my guitar (Da Doo Ron Ron Ron!) and beading (simple bookmarks).  These have been really nice and simple things to do, and also kept me off facebook in the evenings (although it hasn’t stopped my beloved from watching the tv, which he said he did because I was on facebook all night… One of those can’t win battles I guess.)

Another plan I have been working on, is making my Thursday blogs more about me, and my health and well being and things I have learned about me.  My first is the above blog about the inspiration jar, and I also have a couple coming up about depression, and introversion.  These have been scheduled to come up in the following weeks.  I am planning on doing one about my mentors / people I look up to and respect also.

To top it all off, and explain the third Planning in the title, I have been pikuroaseriously considering planning another novel – well a few actually!  I so enjoyed writing Cursed Love that I decided I wanted to write again… when I don’t know, but planning is important to me, so I want to get started.  So far, most of it is mulling around in my mind, one a story about fairies, and another a series of stories about survival after a cataclysmic event.  It is all very exciting!

I am also planning my revision / editing of two novels in August for The End is Nigh Challenge over at KiwiWriters.  My intention is to finish off The Gamble and to start editing Cursed Love.  And I really can’t wait!  Once upon a time I would have grumbled and groaned at editing, but now I realise this is the fun part.  The bit where you make the story shine!

So a busy couple of weeks for me.  Can’t wait for August.


OK, so the desire to write, I mean really write, strikes just as the school holidays start!  Did I annoy someone or something?

I am going to start plotting out Cursed Love.  I don’t know if I can wait until

Hidden Cafe, Motueka Valley Highway, NZ

Hidden Cafe, Motueka Valley Highway, NZ

June to start writing it – I will try and hold out for as long as I can!

I want to get The Gamble finished, I have the ending nearly done, but there is a section in the middle that needs work, so I will also plot this one out a bit more.  I want the heroine to develop some backbone, any ideas would be gratefully received.

Personally – well the medication is definitely working.  Had an incident at work the other day that once upon a time would have made me spiral backwards, but instead I took it all in my stride, so obviously we now know that it is the noradrenalin that is lacking.  Now I need to find out how I can replicate this through food and nutrition and hopefully, one day, I might be able to come off the meds, but that is a long way away.

The running hasn’t been happening lately, but I am hopeful to get back into this, even if it is on my own.  I enjoyed it a lot, and I recently purchased a yoga DVD.  I love stretching and yoga, so this should be ideal.

Things are on the positive and up at the moment.  I love how things are coming together, and hopefully I can start managing my time better and able to work things into my week.  Once I start writing, I want it to be an every day occurrence, not a once a week, bust-a-gut-write-out.

Pantsing It?

I started writing a story on Tuesday and currently it sits at 6k – which is pretty amazing, considering it is coming out of my fingers rather than out of my head.  I am pantsing it for a change, and as everyone who regularly reads my blog will know, I am a true blue, staid-in-my-ways, planner.  So what happened?

I don’t really know.  I do know that the story is a huge step for me, by being pantsed, but also the genre.  It isn’t something I have consciously been working towards, but it has happened, and I will go with the flow for now.  It is Erotica.  Not 50 Shades of Grey Erotica, the hard core my-husband-loves-that-I-am-reading-it Erotica.  Yip, surprised me too, but then I have been reading a bit of it lately, and my husband is loving the results – but enough about him.

The story is simple, at this stage, although it could go either way.  Could become Couplemainstream Mummy Porn, or Erotica, I guess it will depend on how the characters evolve.  At this stage, the heroine is in charge, but I know that the hero is certainly going to get his own back – the title, tentatively at this stage, is Lessons in Love – and it isn’t all about whips and chains.  It is about a young man that asks his ex teacher to show him how to make love to a woman.  She teaches him all the in’s and out’s of seducing a woman, but she is doing a lot to wind this young man up, and he is going to give her some lessons too. As for the happily ever after… still undetermined.  I know what I would like to see happen, but not sure if it will.

There will be some important life lessons to be learned too, like communication and listening, which is very important – and they both need to learn this.  Perhaps I need to as well!  There is also a part about trust, ultimate trust in one another, and this could make or break the relationship, because she is married.  It is also about living life with a passion – see why it isn’t easy to categorise it as erotica?

Well, we will just see where this goes, really loving where the characters are taking me at the moment, so just enjoying the ride and loving pantsing it or panting… perhaps as the case may be!  I will keep you informed on progress.

December 2012 Goals

November has been a month of real progress and real sorrow for me.  I was going really well in my editing of Ice Planet, when Mr Fowler died.  We have spent some time with his partner and attended the funeral, and I even did some editing in order to help to calm my nerves.

While I intended to get Ice Planet finished, that really didn’t happen, so for December

1. Edit Ice Planet – Finish editing

2. Plot out and plan my paranormal romance story

3. Edit the Gothic novel (Tobias and Arabella – aka the bloody gothic novel)

4. Finish writing “Son of God”

5. Edit Medusa’s Garden.

6.  Revise and edit Medusa as a romance novel(!?!)

7. Edit “Of Kings Queens and Noblemen”.

I have finished editing the script of Ice Planet and I am now into the writing phase, which has been fun, and hard at the same time.  Some parts are fun to write and others are really hard to recapture the fun and excitement that I initially had.  I will get the story finished though.

I have crossed out plot and plan my paranormal story because I actually ended up with 4 stories on the go, which is quite exciting – while I haven’t got to the stage of plotting any of them, the fact that 4 stories were bursting to get out was pretty phenomenal considering my state of mind for most of this year.