Catch up Time

I entered the Page and Blackmore Short Story competition – and it sounds like the top 10 entries have already been decided.  Kind of excited to hear back, because the first 100 entries get feedback on their stories, with the top 10 getting more indepth.  I hope I am in the top ten, but I am not holding my breath.  Short stories aren’t my forte.

Yesterday, I finished the ending of my novella.  So now I only have the middle to work on.  I have some of it, but I need to incorporate more of the Gamble / risk (as I do to the ending too), and how she changes from being frightened to a confident woman.

Planning is also proceeding on The Cursed Love, with a wide awake session last week when my muse insisted that he didn’t want to be a player, but a widower instead.  It does fit in with the story, and he is able to sympathise with the heroine, I just wish he didn’t have to wake me at 1am to tell me… I guess the muse can strike anytime, anywhere.  The story seems to have taken on a life of its own, with lots of interesting twists and turns… just have to work out how to recover from them and progress the story.  I want to start writing this in June for SoCNoC.

Which leads me nicely to KiwiWriters.  The site will be up and running on 1st June, earlier if we can manage it.  It is coming together nicely and looks fabulous.  Hopefully it will be more interactive and user friendly and look a lot more like an NZ site, rather than a generic site.  There are lots of wonderful widgets and plugins that we have been able to use and the site does look magnificent (although I think I have already mentioned that!)

My articles have appeared on The Rural site, a list of my articles is available here.  It has been a very exciting time, and I have enjoyed writing these.  I intend to do a series on Women in Rural Businesses, and my first appointment is with a kinesiologist on Tuesday.  I am looking forward to the experience and to write about why she went into business in a rural area.


Masters of Horror Anthology Podcast

The Masters of Horror Anthology is making a comeback – huh I hear you say – it didn’t really go away (AND you haven’t purchased a book yet, I know that for a fact!)

Jason Warden over at Shadowcast Audio is doing a podcast of the stories from the book, including my story.  Each story is being released each week, so mine will be a wee way down the list – but if you prefer to listen to a story than read it, check it out at Masters of Horror Podcast (or for those who prefer to copy and paste, but if you click on the blue underlined words, it will take you straight there.  Keep an eye out and when I know mine is up, will try and let you know.

September Writing Goal Update

Wow, September has just flown by – it seemed to disappear in a haze of shifting and unpacking.   It doesn’t feel like I have done a lot writing wise – probably because I haven’t, I have been too preoccupied trying to make things fit, finding homes for things and making sure that the new house stays tidy and clean!  Anyway, this is what I got up to during September:

# Get Chrystias finished off and start looking around for a publisher / agent for it. – Gareth has sent through all of the feedback on this, and it has been invaluable.  Fortunately I must be getting closer to a more perfect story because there weren’t nearly as many comments this time around as their was the first time.  Thanks Heaps Gareth, really appreciate it!

# Get Kings Queens and Noblemen edited to the second edit – with a view to getting it finished by the end of the year – For some reason, I really don’t want to edit this one.  So I might just can the idea of doing this.  Instead I edited Medusa’s Garden.  So I will swap this and say that Medusa’s Garden is now out with readers for their initial opinion.

# Create more short stories and really start to focus on developing this skill further – I finished August’s short story and completed September’s one as well.  It was a story that had been brewing for a while, and after my interview with Ripley Patton, I was able to write a more heartfelt story and resolved some issues that I had regarding the passing of some people I knew.

# Get one short story published (in a magazine / e-zine) (something other than my own blog site!) – I think I will get Death is Her Name (Septembers Short Story) ready for submitting.

# Finish off some story ideas and start writing the next novel – the first draft to be completed before the end of the year (2010) –  Well this has been done for Medusa’s Garden, and now I am embarking on writing my second novel this year.  It is a Gothic Novel in line with Writing Down Under’s Gothic Novel Writing Month.  Hell, it is something that has fascinated me for a wee while now.  No better time than now to try it.

# Encourage some of my writing friends – Gareth, honestly, I have started on it – ten times!  Just need to get passed the part that I have already done and work from there.  I will get it done before Christmas!

So, October is Gothic Novel Month – my story is about a monk and a woman who tells everyone that the older man that is always with her is her father, but he is actually her husband.  Lots of twists and turns in the story, but have been researching 1500’s with Henry VIII and the fall of the monasteries.  Very fascinating period and fits in nicely with the storyline.  I am excited, I just hope I can pull it off!

Writing Goals – April Update

Wow, we are now a third of the way through 2010. Time has really flown by for me, the bored housewife!  But things have been done, which is great.

# Get Chrystias finished off and start looking around for a publisher / agent for it. – Guess what!  I finally got this finished!  Yahoo!  I have spellchecked and grammar checked it and sent it away to three friends and another person, who is reading it for the purposes of possibly publishing it.  We will have to wait and see.

# Get Kings Queens and Noblemen edited to the second edit – with a view to getting it finished by the end of the year – I actually edited two scenes out of this story this month, but I will put it on the back burner for May, only because I want to focus on something other than editing.  Mind you, this one should be quicker and easier because a) have already edited a novel, b) this one is smaller and c) my writing style has improved!

# Create more short stories and really start to focus on developing this skill further – I finished off a short story I started a coupe of years ago and even submitted it to an anthology – haven’t heard anything back yet.  Fingers crossed.

# Get one short story published (in a magazine / e-zine) (something other than my own blog site!) – Red is going through Critters this week coming, then once I have some feedback, will submit it to an Anthology

# Finish off some story ideas and start writing the next novel – the first draft to be completed before the end of the year (2010) – OK, I started working on a second novel that I have been toying with, tenatively called Earthspirit.  I am currently writing a small introductory piece to each chapter, that will hopefully tie the story together as well as explain why certain aspects of the story too.  Bit complicated to try and explain, lets just say that I am working on it.

# Encourage some of my writing friends – Haven’t critiqued anything this month, only because I am trying to get Chrystias finished.

May is Preparation Month at KiwiWriters because June is SoCNoC (Southern Cross Novel Competition), so hoping to get a bit of Preparation ready.

Feeling Flat

It is hard with writing sometimes, because you do have periods where you feel flat, where nothing seems to be happening, and that is how I feel today.

Life should be good, I am proofreading, editing, writing, but there seems to be something missing, and the short story I am writing just isn’t coming together like I would like it to.  My goal is to write one a month, so I really need to keep going with it, but I really am not feeling the love!

I could start all over with a new story, but I don’t think that will work either, because there isn’t anything that I want to write about.  i suppose I could start at a different point in the story and see if that makes me more excited…

Having a sneezing fit every 10 minutes, a sore back, a garage that needs emptying so I can put fire wood in it – no wonder I feel pretty damned yucky!  Oh well, life goes on, just have to keep battling on and make a list:

1.  Finish proofreading (only have one story to go)

2. Write 500 words on my short story

3. Clean out the garage when it warms up a little (might enlist the aid of youngest son, 50c mixture goes a long way!)

4. get some editing done.

There, when you break it down like that, it doesn’t seem anywhere near as scary…

Short Story Drive

It is so hot, that it is almost unbearable.  The heat is enough to drive anyone to distraction.  Me?  I am on the computer typing up my next short story, which strangely enough, appears to be another horror.

What is it with Horror that I seem to be writing a lot of it lately (okay, this is my second short story, but it is no doubt going to have horror elements) and I have decided to just go with it and accept it for what it is and just keep going with it, because try as I might, I can’t seem to get any other genre to come out of me at the moment.

My latest short story is called The Feeding and is about a vampire, although it is probably hard to tell to start with.  I am extremely happy with it, even though it is a work in progress and will no doubt change as my story goes on.

I am actually enjoying writing short stories at the moment, now that I have the hang of them, and trying not to complicate them.  That is the key to writing a successful story (in my mind anyway), getting a simple snap of a moment in time and then writing about it.  As per the title, my short story is about a vampire about to have a feed, because, like you or me, it is driven to it by a sense of need.  Everyone experiences hunger and thirst.

Short story writing is becoming something I am really enjoying doing, and will continue to do so for some time, as long as I have material to work with.

Goal one, accomplished.

I set some goals for writing back in December for what I wanted to achieve this year.  Already, I have written a short story and almost immediately had it accepted to be published in the Masters of Horror Anthology!  It is only the third or fourth short story I have really written, so absolutely over the moon about that.  So that is two things crossed of my January list!

And the funniest thing is, it is a horror story!  Those who know me, know that horror isn’t my forte, but it was good enough to get into this book!