Another Month Passes

December is upon us, another month has gone, another one closer to 2014.  Where did 2013 go???

My goals for the year were:

1.  Complete Ice Planet  – this now needs to be critiqued

2.  New Year Novella – The Gamble – 10000 (and growing) – edited, just needs more work

3. Evil Editors Unite –  I actually edited the Ice Planet

4. NZ Book Month, I got about 20 writers in the end – next year, there will be 31!

5.  SoCNoC – Cursed Love – written, edited and currently being critiqued.

6. the End is Nigh – I originally intended to edit the Ice Planet, but instead I edited The Gamble / Cursed Love and plotted out another story – Who’s That Girl

7.  Write Who’s that Girl in September (goal 25 – 35k) – I wrote this!  Currently being edited

8. Write 50k novel during NaNoWriMo in November. – started to write the Huntress, but decided that it needed more work first.

So as of now, I have written three novella’s this year, edited three stories.  I just put out a call for critique partners and found two wonderful people who I am quite keen to get started with.  It is all very exciting.

The Huntress story isn’t going to fade into the distance, I just need to work out the details of it, because I want it to be a trilogy, but each part needs to be stand alone.  The overall theme needs to be worked out, plus the theme for each story, and then plot each story.

This year has been exciting for me, because I have finally felt the desire and passion to write again.  Hopefully this means that next year will be a year of publishing for me  🙂


Goals Update – September 2013

Its hard to believe that I haven’t really done a goals update for a while (apparently it was January / February!!!)  Anyway, my goals update is as follows:

1.  Complete Ice Planet 

2.  New Year Novella – The Gamble – 10000 (and growing)

3. Evil Editors Unite – March -The Gothic Novel –  I actually edited the Ice Planet

4. NZ Book Month, NZ authors blog a day!  I got about 20 writers in the end, was absolutely fabulous – thanks to all the fabulous authors who supported my site during this time.

5.  SoCNoC – Cursed Love

Who's that Girl6. the End is Nigh – I originally intended to edit the Ice Planet, but instead I edited The Gamble / Cursed Love and plotted out another story – Who’s That Girl

I have pretty much accomplished all my goals, so I decided to push myself a little bit so I decided to write for NaNoWriMo in November.  My plan was to write a steampunk story, but then decided I wanted to write in September.  When the opportunity arose, I decided to make a go for it.  It was a submission call with a picture prompt for Who’s That Girl.  The picture was so fabulous, I could not resist and have a wonderful story bubbling away inside.  I can now write this story and will have to think of another one to write for NaNo!

So goals-wise

7.  Write Who’s that Girl in September (goal 25 – 35k)

8. Write 50k novel during NaNoWriMo in November.

Progress Report – Goals for 2013 – January

First, Happy Valentines!  Hope everyone is enjoying the love!

January was a good start for the year and I am pleased to report I have completed Ice Planet.

I also participated in KiwiWriters New Year Novella – and I got some of my story done.  Progress so far:

1.  Complete Ice Planet – Done

2.  New Year Novella – started 7,500 / 25,000

3. Evil Editors Unite – Gothic Novel

4. NZ Book Month, NZ authors blog a day!  18 – still time to contact me

5.  SoCNoC

6. the End is Nigh – Ice Planet

I have had a rough month as well, with my depression rearing its ugly head, and a change of medication has been prescribed.  I am halfway through the changeover process and hoping to be back on my feet – mentally – soon.

Thanks for all the wonderful support I have from my wonderful friends who know what I am going through but love me anyway – thank you!

2013 Writing Goals

pen writingOK, so I am not being totally specific this time around, because I want to do more writing this year, but I do have some real projects I want to get finished, like Ice Planet and The Gothic Novel.  I am aware that I am coming into my third year of depression, and while I have come a long way, it still feels like I have a way to go before accomplishing the dream of writing 2 or more novels in a year.  This year I want to write one novel, and possibly one novella, though if that stretches out into a novel I will be happy with that.

So my goals are:

1.  Complete Ice Planet

2.  New Year Novella

3. Evil Editors Unite – Gothic Novel

4. NZ Book Month, NZ authors blog a day!  13 so far, room for more!

5.  SoCNoC

6. the End is Nigh – Ice Planet

If I decide to want to add more, I will.

October Goals 2012

It is October, where is this year going?  I swear it was only February or March a couple of months ago!

So I thought it best to update my goals before I forget (got to remember the family newsletter while I am at it).

I gave myself  break during September, though I think I said that when I wrote the September goals.  I had finished KQ&N, and I needed some space – and I also ended up with extra hours at work, so I would have been pressed for time.

So my goals for October  are:

1. Edit Ice Planet – 1/2 way through (and Finish my Ice Planet Story)! Integrating more romance into the mix.

2. Plot out and plan my paranormal romance story

3. Edit the Gothic novel (Tobias and Arabella – aka the bloody gothic novel)

4. Finish writing “Son of God”

5. Edit Medusa’s Garden.

6.  Revise and edit Medusa as a romance novel(!?!)

7. Edit “Of Kings Queens and Noblemen”.


As you can see, my goals have changed a little.  I have incorporated two into one (Ice Planet) and put in a new goal (plotting / planning new romance).  I have already been working on the romance plan, but overcomplicated the plot, so now I have taken a break from it, and will focus on Ice Planet and when I feel stressed about that, I will swap to the romance and vice versa.  Would be nice to get both completed this month, but won’t be surprised (or upset) if I don’t.

Just need to spell check KQ&N and looking for Beta readers – any takers?  I need to know ASAP.

Writing Goals – February 2012

1.  Edit “Of Kings Queens and Noblemen”

2. Finish my Ice Planet Story

3. Edit Ice Planet

4. Edit the Gothic novel (Tobias and Arabella – aka the bloody gothic novel)

5. Finish writing “Son of God”

6. Edit Medusa’s Garden.

Pleased to confirm that Medusa’s Garden has gone through its second draft.  It is just a little bit here and there that I am working on, before I send it out to my readers.  I hope to have some response back by April.

March is Evil Editors Unite on KiwiWriters, so I have a good month of editing ahead of me.  Problem is, not sure which story to edit.  There are two:  Tobias and Arabella or Of Kings Queens and Noblemen.  So far, I have had one vote – won’t tell you which until my other friends have voted too!

March is also NZ Book Month, and I have some writer friends that I am hoping will agree to some interviews, so I hope to get these posted periodically through the month.

So a busy month for me, 20 hours of editing, but I am looking forward to it.

KiwiWriters Blogging Week – Day Two

Day Two… what now?

Goals – I know I go on about goals all the time, but goals are important, even in life.

I set myself Writing Goals every year, so that I have a goal I work towards.  They are simple enough, easy to achieve, while stretching me to achieve something that I might not have achieved had I not set myself a goal.

In life, you need to have goals too.  Goals keep you going in your day to day activities, and sometimes you might not even be aware that you have them.  Just to get through the day can sometimes be a goal.  To get tea prepared by lunchtime is a goal.  Going to the shop and not overspending… yip that’s a goal too.

So do you have any writing goals?

Mine have been quite varied, and I like to keep them in line with KiwiWriters challenges.  Like March is Evil Editors Unite, so I have a story I want to edit during March.  June is SoCNoC (Southern Cross Novel Competition), so I have a story to write during that time.  The End is Nigh in August is a perfect opportunity to get those projects finished that I haven’t had a chance to complete.

This year, because of my lack of motivation to write, I am concentrating on editing, with a view of getting some of my stories ready to be sent out to publishers by the end of the year.  I have four stories that could be ready, three that I definitely want to find homes for.  Fingers crossed, my editing goals will go well this year.