Written Works and WIP

Written Works

One Day – Masters of Horror Anthology

The Rural Website – articles on rural lifestyle

Cherie Le Clare – A Chat about Depression

Zenobia Southcombe – Sitting in a Boat – A Personal Account of Overcoming Depression



July 2014


Finished stories

Chrystias of Amasedon – Epic Fantasy story about the bringing together of Chrystias stones to join together good and evil

Medusa – the truth behind the story of the snake headed woman.  A temple worker is raped by Poseidon and Athena curses her to a lifetime of isolation.

Of Kings Queens and Noblemen – King Fabia is a playboy, and not ready to settle down, but he needs an heir.  But the only woman whom he wants is not an eligible match.  Will he step down and chase the woman he loves, or marry a woman he is expected to?

The Gamble – lost by her husband in a gambling game, Astra finds herself in the household of her first love.  Trouble is, he deserted her seven years previous, breaking her heart.  Can she forgive him?

Scarlet Rose – Rosalind wants to escape her life, so she marries the Duke of Cumberland, except he isn’t the true duke.  She wakes up on the day after her wedding day to find him dead, and two mafioso in the room, ready to ship her back to Chicago.  The true Duke of Cumberland, intent on returning his wayward brother to England, discovers instead that his ‘wife’ has murdered him.  He will stop at nothing to make her pay for what she did.

Cursed Love – set in Nelson, New Zealand, Jinny Richards knows her family line is cursed, and is determined that it will die out with her.  However Ethan Montgomery has other ideas when he sets his sights on the delectable Jinny.  Things are complicated though, when Jinny’s past brother in law, Steven Bradford turns up, and he is interested in Jinny as well.  Who will win the fair maiden’s hand?


Work in Progress

  • Beautiful Stranger

At our RWNZ meetings once a month, we often have ten minutes where we write on a certain topic.  I have decided to join some of these stories together to create a short story based on the 12 steps of Intimacy.

  • Huntress

What happens, when a physically deformed girl learns about her true identity.  The deformity isn’t such a bad thing.

  • Curse of the Taniwha

Rena wants lasting love, but didn’t expect to find it with a taniwha in remote NZ bush.

  • Son of God

A story set at the time of Jesus about a woman who meets him, but doesn’t understand him and her frustration.


Projects still under review

  • Life Lessons from the Dead

A quirky look at life from the dead’s point of view.  Sara lost her tenancy and her mother in the space of a week.  She finds a place to live, but it has some strange goings on in the hallway.  It is a portal where spirits visit her with lessons from life that the house seems to think Sara needs to know.


Ideas still being formulated:

Blood Gold – A fictional tale of the Maungatapu Murderers – story was cut short my laptop crashing, still want to write this story.

Working Title: Unknown – Fantasy story about a village invaded and love entanglement.

Working Title: Earth Spirit – Love story involving an Earth Spirit – still working on plot, characters and details

Working Title: Unknown – Steampunk novel about Nelson in 1850’s involving steam machines – still working on characters, plot and details

Finished Titles

Cursed Love

Scarlet Rose


Titles under editing

Ice Planet

Tobias and Arabella



Published Work

One Day – Masters of Horror Anthology


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