When Not to Write, or Edit, as the Case may be.

I’ve had my Mum come to visit from Wineborough, and it’s been lovely catching up with her. But it also means that I don’t get to write or edit as much when she is around. Is that a bad thing?

No, it’s not. It’s a chance for me to have a break and come back refreshed. Mum comes over every six weeks or so, so it’s nice to have that time to catch up with her and spend time with her, as she lives 2.5 hours away from me now. She used to be 10 minutes around the corner, but she moved to Wineborough to be with her other grandchildren. We try and travel over to catch up with her, and my Dad and StepMum who lives in Ferryton, but not as much as I would like.

While Mum has retired, and is able to travel freely, I have to wait until the weekend to head over, as I work. Although I did go over and stay with her when I had the Friday’s off over winter. It was nice to spend the extra night with her.

Family is important to me. They support me, encourage me and generally build me up when I need it. Mum has been one of my biggest supporters. The others being, strangely enough, my StepMum and an ex-Mother in Law. I love all of these ladies so much because they have helped me to get ahead in the writing game through their encouragement.

So, I don’t mind having a break while my Mum has here, it’s more important to spend time with her. I can write anytime, Mum won’t be around forever. (Love you Mum x x x)

So how has your week been?

Kia kaha everyone


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